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Women's Alternative Health & Natural Women's Health Supplement with Herbs for PMS Cramps Stress and Hormone Balance.


Alternative Women's Health Supplements

Natural Women's Health Supplement with Herbs for PMS Cramps Stress and Hormone Balance.

Women's Supplements on this page :

Female Tonic Herb

Menopause Herb

Premenstrual Health

Women's Multivitamin

Prenatal Vitamin

Hair & Nail Vitamins

Femina Libido

Bust Enhancement

Mothers Milk Aid

Unitract Aid

Varicose Ease

Thyroid Help

Natural Weight Loss

Natural Skin Care

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Buy these supplement for women's alternative health. Reduce potential side effects and try an alternative medicine for women's health using a women's health product. Best when used for 6 to 8 months with a program of diet and exercise.

Female Tonic Herb


Female Tonic Herb

All round Female Tonic. A comprehensive formula for women's related health issues including well known herbs to aid as a general female tonic for all areas including PMS, cramps, stress and hormone balance .... female tonic herb

  • General tonic for female health problems.

  • Great as a support formula.

  • Use alone or combined with menopause herbs, premenstrual and bust formula.

Female Tonic Capsules
60 vegetarian caps :  0286  :  $ 22.95
$ 17.95

Menopause Herb


Menopause Herb

With herbs that are known for hot flushes, palpitations and excess bleeding. Many of these herbs contain plant estrogens that are hormone regulators of natural progesterone ... menopause herb

  • Best used over 6 months or more.

  • Use alone or with other supplements such as evening primrose oil, female tonic or alkaline supplement.

  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine & sugar as they trigger flushes.

  • Also available in homeopathic menopause tablets.

Menopause Herb
60 vegetarian caps :  0329  :  $ 22.95
$ 17.95

Premenstrual Health


Premenstrual Health

The Premenstrual herbal formula for PMS complaints and contains well known herbs to help balance hormonal production, relieve cramping .... premenstrual health

  • Use alone or with other supplements such as cramp tablets, female tonic or alkaline supplement.

  • May be used with homeopathic menopause tablets.

  • Best used over 6 months or more. Use with Wild Yam Cream or Vaginal Gel.

Premenstrual Health
60 vegetarian caps :  0332 :   $ 22.95
$ 17.95

Womens Multivitamin


Women's Multivitamin & Mineral

Specially formulated for the nutritional needs of women. Contains vitamin K & magnesium for bone  .... women's multivitamin

  • Food rich nutrient combination.

  • With vitamin K & magnesium for bone support.

  • 100% vegetarian formula.

Women's Multivitamin & Mineral
180 veg tablets :  11749  : $ 57.00
$ 34.20

Prenatal Vitamin


Prenatal Multivitamin

A Prenatal formula for use before, during and after pregnancy, especially during breastfeeding .... prenatal multivitamin

  • Reduce birth defects with 800 mcg folic acid.

  • With 1000 mg calcium & 60 mg iron fumarate.

  • Compare with +Rainbow Light Prenatal Formula.

Complete Prenatal Multivitamin & Mineral
180 veg tablets :  14149  : $ 43.60
$ 26.16

Hair & Nail Vitamins


Hair & Nail Vitamins

Use a natural vitamin for nail to increase the nutrients required for healthy nail growth ....  hair & nail vitamins

  • Made from natures ingredients and homeopathic prepared minerals.

  • Used alone or with other hair and nail nutrients such as Omega Oils and Biotin.

Hair & Nail Vitamins
60 vegetarian caps :  2250  :   $  23.45
$ 18.95

Femina Libido


Femina Libido

Libido supplement with herbs know to help stimulate sexual desire and enhance the female libido. The herbal ingredients help correct female hormonal imbalances while rejuvenate energy levels, stimulating pelvic .... female libido

  • Increase energy and improve circulation.

  • Requires 6 to 8 weeks for maximum effect.

  • Use with the female formula or energy herbs combined with topical creams like the vaginal gel.

Femina Libido
60 vegetarian caps :  0320  :   $ 22.95
$ 17.95

Safety Notes: Do not take if pregnant. Do not take more than 6 capsules per day. Do not use for people with high blood pressure or heart conditions, suffering from or on medication for depression.

Bust Enhancement


Bust Enhancement

Users have reported Bust Size Increases of up to Two Cups! This all natural herbal product offers you a safe and affordable alternative for breast enhancement ....  bust enhancement

  • Market-tested and used by thousands of women.

  • Original bust enhancement formula you want!

  • Use for 6 to 9 months for maximum results.

Bust Enhancement
180 capsules :  500336  :  $ 41.25
$ 39.84

Safety Note : Not recommended for use by persons under the age of 18. If pregnant, nursing or taking a prescription drug, consult health care practitioner prior to use.

Mothers Milk Aid


Mothers Milk Aid

Milk Aid is a proprietary formula for breast feeding that promotes healthy lactation by combining herbs used by many Europeans for centuries to increase .... mothers milk aid

  • Available in capsules and tea.

  • Safe natural way to remain hydrated while nursing.

  • A combination of herbs traditionally known as galactagogues (herb for breastfeeding).

Mothers Milk Aid Capsules
60 vegetarian caps  : 0331 : 22.95
$ 17.95

Mothers Milk Aid
20 unbleached tea bags  Code : 0552  :  $ 9.95 each
$ 9.95 for 2  (sold in pairs)

Safety Notes:  Do not take if pregnant. Fenugreek is considered a uterine stimulant, so do not use this herb if you are pregnant. Suitable for vegetarians.

Unitract Aid


Unitract Aid

To short circuit urinary tract infections, the infecting bacteria must first be destroyed and the immune system built to control future urinary tract, bladder .... unitract aid

  • Try a natural solution first. With herbs to help kill bacteria while building the immune system.

  • Avoid sugar and acidic foods (see food chart).

  • Fantastic results when combined with alkaline supplement and immune builder.

Unitract Aid
60 vegetarian caps :  0341  :   $ 22.95
$ 17.95

Varicose Ease


Varicose Ease

Lack of circulation contributes to the formation of varicose veins, they are common in people who sit or stand in one position for prolonged periods of time .... varicose ease

  • Try a natural alternative varicose vein treatment.

  • There are herbs that can help improve blood circulation and heal the vein linings.

  • Use alone or combine with the varicose circulation spray.

Varicose Ease
60 vegetarian caps :  0342 :   $ 22.95
$ 17.95

Thyroid Help


Thyroid Help

Some of the key causes of hypothyroidism (under active thyroid) include poor diet, fluoride in the water, chemicals in food, consumption of saturated fats, pesticide residues on fruit, radiation from x-rays, alcohol .... thyroid help

  • An excellent source of the trace mineral iodine.

  • Herbs can also be used to help improve the function of the thyroid gland and overall glandular system.

  • Helps activate thyroid function and often boosts T4 levels if borderline.

Thyroid Help Capsules Original
60 veg caps  : 0340 :  $ 24.95
$ 19.95

Thyroid Help Capsules PLUS
60 veg caps  : 0339 :  $ 26.95
$ 20.95

Natural Weight Loss


Supa Slim All In One

A supa weight loss herbal formula to help suppress appetite and sugar cravings while increasing the bodies metabolism to burn unwanted body fat. With pure Hoodia .... natural weight loss

  • With 14 Supa Weight Loss herbs.

  • With all of SLIM 1,2,3 & 4 ingredients in one formula.

  • With Hoodia P57 molecule to reduce appetite.

  • With 75mg pure Hoodia Gordonii herb.

Supa Slim Capsules
60 Veg Caps :   5130 :    $ 29.15
$ 22.45

Safety Notes:  Do not take if pregnant. Do not take more than 6 capsules per day. Not recommended with people with high blood pressure or heart conditions.

Natural Skin Care


Natural Facial Day Cream

It is about time, for you to change to a truly all natural skin care cream that does not contain harmful chemicals and is kind to animals .... natural skin care

  • 100% chemical and preservative free.

  • All natural hand made products.

  • Vegetarian, cruelty free, not tested on animals.

  • A complete natural range of face creams, masks, scrubs, washes, body lotions, shampoos, hair color and more. 

Natural Facial Day Cream
50ml / 2.1 oz jar  :  0038  : $26.45
$ 19.95

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