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Frequently Asked Questions:

About Ordering and Shipping:

FAQ : How long will my order take?
FAQ : Can I order over the phone?
FAQ : Can I mail a check or money order?
FAQ : Do you have distributors?
FAQ : Please tell me about the discount coupons?

About Our Products :

FAQ : Vitamin Supplements
FAQ : Whole Food Vitamins
FAQ : Whole Food Calcium

FAQ : Acid Alkaline Balance
FAQ : Digestion Enzymes
FAQ : Gout Herbs
FAQ : Thyroid Supplement
FAQ : Thyroid Weight Loss
FAQ : About Organic Herbs and Ingredients

FAQ : Natural Shampoo   (I am chemical sensitive).
FAQ : Natural Toothpaste
FAQ : Aromatherapy Oils

About Ordering and Shipping:

FAQ : How long will my order take?

USA : The average order takes 2 to 3 days for delivery. We ship all US orders by Priority Mail.

International :
If you live in Canada, Europe or Australia. Select method of shipping at  "check out" when you place your order.  Air mail orders take from 1 week for Canada and up to 4 weeks for other countries. International Ground / Surface mail can take up to 8 weeks. See shipping information for more details.

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FAQ : Can I order over the phone?
Call and place your by phone and pay with your credit card. use the product code and description.

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FAQ : Can I mail a check or money order?
ail your order with a money order or check to;

Natures Brands Mail Orders :
6 September Circle, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301.

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FAQ : Do you have distributors?
The quickest and cheapest way to order would be directly from us via the internet, phone or mail order. We ship all over the US, Canada and International.

An alternative option would be to ask your local health food store to stock our products for you. But please keep in mind that they will not be able to offer the special.

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FAQ : Please tell me about the discount coupons?
We offer new discount coupons every 4 weeks depending on the promotion. All coupons are emailed. Our coupon system is automated online, due to the volume of orders and strict discount cut off dates we do not extend discount coupon dates. We can not back date discount coupons for order already placed.

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About Our Products :

FAQ : Life Multi Vitamin
Q : Please confirm if the Life Multi Vitamin food + synthetic vs. only food for the Whole Food Multi?

Answer :   This is correct this Life Multi is a combination of whole food ingredients, food state and isolate (synthetic) vitamins. It is intended for customers that would like a little of both. It may be taken alone or in combination with the PhytoVitamins Whole Food. We suggest you alternate between the two from day to day.

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FAQ : Whole Food Multi Vitamin
Q : I used your multi-vitamin last month and loved it. I experienced more energy and my mood seemed to be very happy. I am going to order some more and some other products, but have a question for you.

 I want to get the following products, but is this to much to take or is their a better mix of things for me to take because I am a man?
1) whole food multi-vitamin
2) whole food calcium & magnesium
3) super herbal greens
4) antioxidant formula

Some of them contain some of the same ingredients, but also contains ingredients that the other doesn't have and more of that ingredient. If you could help me on this, I would greatly appreciate this. Thank you for your time and help.

Answer : We are pleased to hear that you have used and like the Phytovitamins Whole Food supplements. They are very different from most other products and offer a unique approach to natural nutrition and health.

Although there is an overlap of some of the herbs and/or whole food ingredients in the formulas you have listed. Additional servings of these ingredients can only be beneficial for your body. So we would recommend the overlap and in fact encourage it. Whole food nutrition is most beneficial when taken often, which will help your cells to regenerate and not degenerate.

FAQ : Whole Food Multi Vitamin
Q : I'm trying to find out what's in your multiple whole food vitamin supplement. Please provide info.

Answer : We have the ingredients for our PhytoVitamins Whole Food Multi Vitamin and Homeopathic Mineral supplement listed on the web site. The iron Free has no iron (homeopathic). You may view the details at natural vitamins.

FAQ : How Much Vitamin Content?
Q : I am trying the Multi and B Complex. I am curious. The amount listed per serving on the bottle-is that the amount of the ingredient or the amount of the vitamin? For example, it lists Vitamin A and under it "from alfalfa seed" and then next to that says 20mg. Is that 20 mg of Vitamin A or 20 mg of alfalfa seed?

Answer : The values listed are for the whole food ingredients. The specific vitamin content for the whole food ingredient listed would be much lower in value. The vitamin content of the whole food group may vary from 0.5% to 5% depending on the ingredients. Keep in mind that a whole food ingredient is 100% absorbed by the body. The whole food has the vitamin content.

We also offer an isolate and food combination type vitamin multi B vitamin which some people like to alternate with the whole food supplement. The isolate is able to list the specific vitamin content as it is all isolated. See Vitamin B page for details.

FAQ : Whole Food Multi Vitamin - For Children
Q :
Do you have any multivitamins for Children ... I am very impressed with your vitamins as they are natural and not synthetic and would love to get some for my son who is 9 years old ... 

Answer : Yes we do. We have 2 types;
PhytoVitamins are ideal for young kids that are able to drink and eat food ok. Unlike most vitamins for "children" there are no additives what so ever or synthetics. If you son can not swallow the capsule (this is the biggest problem for children, and our biggest safety concern). Then you could break them open and add to food or mix in a glass of spring water, fruit juice or vegetable juice (fresh would be ideal).

The Phytovitamins whole food nutrition would help your child increase his intake of essential whole foods that most of us do not get enough of. We suggest at least 2 to 4 capsules per day. You could use for the whole family.

We also have the Bengal Bites Multivitamin which is a perfect balanced multi for children. You may view the details on the multi vitamins page.

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FAQ : Is the Whole Food Calcium Researched?
Q :
Can you tell me if there has been any research on your calcium/magnesium supplement and its ability to treat existing osteoporosis?

Answer : Thank you for your e-mail. As yet we do not have any long term medical studies for our specifc PhytoVitamins branded Calcium product.

Bear in mind most nutritional supplements do not have specific branded studies. But there has been extensive research conducted by many Homeopaths on the benefits of the homeopathic essential minerals.

We can refer you to a page on our web site that has a little more info on our calcium supplement page.

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FAQ : Tell me More About Acid to Alkaline?
Q :
What do you know about apple cider vinegar? I drink this for indigestion problems……drink about a Tbsp a day with water I have read this is healthy & helps with so many things BUT will it make my body more acid?

Answer :Thank you for your e-mail. Good question....yes a good quality apple cider vinegar can be beneficial. All foods have different levels of acidic or alkaline effects.

Lemon for example is acidic but yet when used as fresh lemon just squeezed it is very alkaline on the body. We would group apple cider vinegar as very mild alkaline to neutral effect on the body. This is why it tends to have healing actions.

You may also want to test yourself we will have testers for sales with 2 week on our site. Or get 3 free testers with a bottle of Alkaline Supplement.

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FAQ : Is the Digestion Formula same as Enzymes?
Q : Hello, I wanted to know about you product for Digestion, is it going to be the same as taking the other whole food vitamins containing enzymes Lipase protease and others. I am currently taking the whole food supplements you offer with the mineral calcium, but I want to have natural enzymes to digest my food. Thank you.

Answer : Thank you for your e-mail. Our Digestion Formula is a herbal based digestion formula. It does not contain any added enzymes such as Lipase protease ...etc. We do not offer a added enzyme based product at the moment - sorry.

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FAQ : Gout Supplement
Q : Can you advise what the difference in  treatments / approach is between alkalizing and Gout treatment? I would think they were addressing the same issues. Please recommend a set of products for addressing gout attacks, and long-term prevention of gout.

Answer: The Gout Herbal Formula and the Alkaline Supplement are different but work very well together for gout.  The reason is that gout is normally associated with an acid condition with uric acid build up in the joints. The Gout formulas has Devils Claw know to aid arthritis and gout while Acid2Alkaline helps reduce your overall acidic condition.

Please bear in mind that avoiding acidic forming type foods is important to reduce the input of acid formation. See the list of suggested food groups on our web site.

Used in conjunction with diet (avoiding acid forming foods) these products used together should help a Gout condition. We recommend that you read about Gout and Acid Alkaline Balance health on our web site at:

We recommend reading about Gout Capsules and the Alkaline Supplement capsules page.

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FAQ : Tell me More About Thyroid Help?
Q :
I have the problem of Hyper Thyroid for over 7 years, I have many small goiters inside my thyroid too. I am taking the medical treatment "drugs" to treat the thyroid problem for long long time, but it couldn't help to control very well and now the drugs hurt my liver !! So my doctor need me to remove the thyroid by taking the Radio Active on next week, I don't want to loose my thyroid and I don't believe the Radio Active can be leave my body totally after the treatment, I am afraid it will damage my body and can not to have baby ! I found the natural thyroid vitamins of the "Thyroid Help", is that help my thyroid problem ?

Answer : Our product Thyroid Help is for Hypothyroid support (underactive thyroid gland) not Hyperthyroid (over active thyroid gland). We would suggest you read as much as you can about the issue and consult and natural health practitioner (naturopath, homeopath or similar) before making a final decision. Sorry we could not be more specific. See more info about thyroid supplement.

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FAQ : Thyroid Weight Loss
Q :
I was wondering if you could answer a few questions I have about the Slimming I & II hypothyroidism weight loss. I wanted to try your product although I want to know about how long does it take to see any weigh loss results? I would like to know how many times a day to you take a pill and if one bottle contains an one month supply? I also want to know if you take the tea in conjunction with the pills or do you take one or the other? This was the only weigh loss product that I have found to take with hypothyroidism (under active thyroid gland).

Answer : Everyone is different and may lose weight at a different rate. We would suggest that the Slimming I & II program be taken for as long as required up to 4 months or more at a time. A hypothyroid condition may take many years to develop and may take many months of thyroid weight loss supplementation to adjust.

There are no side effects and your body will absorb what it needs from the thyroid diet Slimming I & II supplements. How quickly you lose weight will partly depends on how much your thyroid has to do with your weight problem. The more direct your weight is due to your thyroid the more weight you should lose - once your thyroid starts to function correctly. But diet and exercises are just as important.

We suggest the capsules instead of the tea. The tea has a very strong taste and is not easy to drink everyday. But some people prefer tea. Even if you do not suffer from an underactive thyroid the supplements will help with general nutritional.

You may want to read our web site for more information or ask your health care provider.

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FAQ : Organic Herbs
Can you tell more about the source of the ingredients I mean- are they organically grown, wildcraft or conventional?

Answer :  We strive to use organic herbal and plant ingredients in all formulas. We source most of the organic ingredients from our own farmers. Certified organic growers from various parts of the world.

In some cases organic is not available due to growing seasons and availability. In this case we would then out source our ingredients using organic first then wild crafted and as a last resort conventional when and if available.

We are in the process of listing all ingredients used in our products on our web site stating if organic, wild crafted or conventional. This may only be available in a few months time. Copies of organic certification may also be included on our web site.

At least +- 50% of the ingredients for all formulas are organic at all times. Also an important point is that all herbal formulations contain no additives or animal ingredients.

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FAQ : Natural Shampoo How Often Must I Use?
Q :
Just wondering why your shampoos must be used once or twice daily. I only shampoo my hair every other day. Please let me know so I can decide if this is for me or not

Answer : You may use the shampoos as often as you like. Everyone has different hair types and has different requirements. Personally I use the Shampoo every 2nd or 3rd day with the conditioning rinse. This is a natural product so please do not expect a salon type finish that you may get from commercial brands.

FAQ : I am Chemically Sensitive!
Q :
I have long since stopped expecting a salon finish, since I am chemically sensitive. Anyway, some shampoos leave my hair feeling "gunky" and I can't stand that.

Answer : Remember it is important to use the condition rinse with our natural shampoos. This will prevent it from feeling "gunky" after use. The Conditioning Rinse is available in Oily to Normal (fine) hair or Dry (thick) hair.

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FAQ : Alcohol Used In Natural Toothpaste?
Q : Hello, I would like to know what kind of alcohol you use in your All Natural Toothpaste. Thanks

Answer : We use brandy herbal tincture in our natural toothpaste - although in very small amounts. The brandy acts as a natural preservative.

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FAQ : Tell me More About Your Essential Oils?
Q : I would like more info on the cedar oil you are offering. My mother n law says that essential oils can be beneficial but I like the smell of cedar and am interested in the oil you offer!

Answer : The Essential Oils that we offer is 100% pure essential oil. A good quality essential oil used for a number of aromatherapy, massage, therapeutic and general use.

In some cases it may in fact aid breathing although there may be better oils such as eucalyptus and lavender. We are not able to make many claims about our products. You may want to try some and experiment with some essential oils. This can be fun and therapeutic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will be satisfied, that we offer a 60 day Money Back Guarantee with a 2 product (4 bottle) limit .

Remember this is a natural product and may take a little longer to work than chemical equivalents.  Natures Brands in harmony with nature, use only all natural products.