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About Us and Our Philosophy:


  • Mission Statement.

  • Our Philosophy.

  • We Donate To Environmental & Animal Right Groups.

  • We Recycle Where We Can.

  • Constantly Striving For An Ideal.

  • Taking Herbs And Supplements : Time Is Required!

  • .Natural Health Vs Pharmaceuticals (observation).

  • Are Cell Phones Killing Us? (observation).

  • Available At Health Food Stores.

Disclaimer : The following statements are observation and for discussion purposes only. No claim, diagnosis or treatment to cure or prevent any disease is implied.

Mission Statements:
- To change peoples perspective about holistic natural living.
- To bring common sense to Good Natural Health (we are what we eat).
- To offer natural, synthetic free, chemical free, cruelty free health and beauty products.
- To donate a portion of our small profits to environmental and animal groups.  

Our Philosophy:
To achieve natural living without risking our health, the lives of animals or the earths future.

We Donate To Environmental & Animal Right Groups:
A percentage of our profits are donated each year to various environmental and animal rights groups. Although not as much as we would like, we hope to sell more natural products which in turn will allow us to contribute more to other groups.

Join and help save our earth from Whales to Trees Greenpeace USA

We Recycle Where We Can:
We use reuse old news paper, boxes and bags for packaging all orders.

Constantly Striving For An Ideal:
Although all the products Natures Brands supplies are made with no additives, chemicals or animal products. We acknowledge that our packaging is still made out of plastic in some cases. It is our longer term objective to replace all plastic packaging with a suitable light weight environmentally friendly alternatives.

Taking Herbs And Supplements : Time Is Required!
Natural supplements do tend to take a little longer to work. In order to gain the best performance it is important to take the supplements consistently over a period of time. Especially when dealing with ailments that have developed over a period of time. So be patient and consistent. Diet and Lifestyle is an integral part of the healing process. Most of use eat far to many acidic forming foods and not enough alkaline foods for excellent health. Read more about an acidic condition  and Alkaline Supplement.

Natural Health Vs Pharmaceuticals (observation):
It is interesting to observe how so many people accept the fact that they may be required to take prescription medication for many years at a time. In most cases the prescription medication has side effects that may cause long term damage to other parts of the body. Yet it is accepted by all and allowed by the FDA. No one dare claims that these medications do not work as well as the manufacturer or doctors inform us. After all clever men and women have spent billions of dollars on research, tests and reports that prove them effective. The theory is that science and man are better than nature at healing and fixing people. In some cases this is true. Modern Medicine does an amazing job and putting you back together again after a motor car accident, but if you are diagnosed with a disease the results are a lot less amazing.

It is even more interesting that these same cleaver people will claim the side effects from drugs and medication as safe, yet the much milder side effects (in most cases, no side effects at all) of herbs, are unsafe. Why should the level of concern for the different risks be so disproportionate? Is it that they are concerned about our health and well being or is it that they do not want to yield any of the vast money, power and influence they have over our health care system?

Are Cell Phones Killing Us? (observation):
It is amazing how many powerful industries use science (or the lack of it) to skew basic common sense. It took the tobacco industry almost 50 years and billions of dollars in law suites to eventually accept that tobacco smoke is extremely hazardous to your health and that customers should be told about it before they use the product. The latest initiative by the tobacco industry is to have the FDA regulate the tobacco industry. Why did they take over 30 years to include a warning on cigarettes and over 50 years to for some acceptance by the tobacco companies? Money and greed, yes that might be it. The cigarette industry would have saved billions in liabilities if they had put warnings on cigarettes 30 years ago. It would not have put a dent in sales, people would have ignored the health warnings anyway. Just like they do now. Not to mention nicotine is highly addictive, guaranteeing that nicotine junkies would not give it up. As a result their greed cost them more in the long term.

History has a way of repeating itself, well that is the case with the cell phone industry. Captains of the cell phone and telecom industries are all playing dumb to the risks of cell phones. Conveniently they claim that cell phones have not been proven to be unsafe by our trusted scientists. Well this is not altogether true. Many millions have been spent on research confirming the effects of high frequency devices on living organisms. The conclusions of all this research that has already been conducted would depend on which Scientist you believe! Who said that science was an exact art. They are playing dumb and delaying the inclusion of any warnings on cell phones. If the captains of the cell phone and telecom industry had any common sense they would put a disclaimer just in case, this would save them billions in the future, talk about short term planning. I am not even a lawyer and think that my advise is better risk management than what they are being advised to do at the moment. My advise is free!

Common sense over science. A cell phone works at a very high frequency, this is held close to the head for extended periods of time at regular intervals during day and night. Cell phones are used by children as young as 10 years and adults. We use them all the time, some people use them in place of land lines. This new instrument is an integral part of our daily lives. Not to mention that thousands of transmitting towers are being built every day for cell phone, internet and wireless access. Cell phones functioning at a very high frequency which when used against our heads causes a disturbance of the cells, some research has indicated that this could lead to brain tumors. Many people can not use cell phones as they get head aches.

Regardless of what science has proven or yet to prove, it would be common sense to take precautions and warn people about the potential dangers. This will never happen, not soon anyway. Maybe after a high proportion of people start dying will their be a sense of urgency. We can not rely on big business and government to warn us about all hazards. We have to take responsibility for our own health and safety. This is the power of freedom, having the freedom of choice. We recommend that you think about your cell phone and how much you use it.

Available At Health Food Stores:
Natures Brands products are also available at selected health food stores. Please understand that your local store will not offer the program. But you will save $ 4.95 on shipping. If you would like your local health food store to stock a product for you, ask them to call us for details.. Most stores will stock a product if you undertake to purchase it from them. See our list of stores : List Of Stores

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