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Customer Testimonials, Comments & Feed Back:


Comments : Thank you for your service

Feed Back : Whole Food Vitamins
Feed Back : Whole Food Calcium

Feed Back : Cold & Flu Fighter
Feed Back : Lowering Blood Pressure
Feed Back : Milk Aid Formula
Feed Back : Uni-Tract Formula

Feed Back : Facial Night Cream
Feed Back : Hand & Body Lotion
Feed Back : Natural Lip Balm
Feed Back : Essential Oils

Note : Natures Brands only uses actual comments and letters sent by customers. Very few customers take the time to write. We get many testimonials by phone, these have not been included on this site. Natures Brands does not pay for or solicited testimonials or feed back from customers. 

Comments : Thank you for your service

From : Agnes Shin - USA
Thank you very much for your assistance, I will await the slimming II product. Your service is very good and I will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends. Again thank you for your help in this matter.

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Feed Back : Whole Food Vitamins & Minerals

Margaret Colter - MI
"One of my favorite products is the Phytovitamin Multi Vitamin. It is completely natural vitamins from real food not synthetic. These capsules are all food and naturally nutritious, fresh and raw, just what my body needs".

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Feed Back : Whole Food Calcium Supplement

Margaret Colter - MI
One of my favorite products is the PhytoVitamins Calcium. It is also completely natural calcium from real food not synthetic. I have never seen a calcium capsule like this, it's not a chalky powder or tablet made from rocks or shells, but from whole food in a clear capsule. I know my body can absorb this calcium and use it."

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Feed Back : Cold & Flu Fighter

Cecilia Chiusiwary - South Africa
"I bought a Herbal Medi Care Cold and Flu Fighter & Immune Builder (that helps the body resist colds and flu) 50ml (1.68Floz) tonic two months ago in one of the Pharmacies.

I used to be a flu victim and I hated to take antibiotics every time I caught flu. But when I discovered this tonic it worked like wonders! I used the tonic for almost 3 weeks and got finished. Since then I have not caught flu again. People in South Africa had an early flu infection that went around in March, I never got that one.

Unfortunately, when I went back to the pharmacy I was told they do not have in stock would order from your organization, they took details from the bottle that I still hold. I went to almost all pharmacies searching for this tonic but none has in stock.

Please, please I hate flu and antibiotics every time I visit the doctor, can you supply more of these to Pharmacies?

We need this type of herbal remedies on the shelves in pharmacies in order to reduce the intake of antibiotics which sometimes have horrible side effects.

Pleaseeeeee send the flu herbal remedies and immune system boosters to us!

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Feed Back : Blood Pressure High (Lowering) Caps

Mrs. Penelope Anderson - Bryanston
"I am quite excited about your Blood Pressure High Capsules and decided to write to let you know how well they worked for me to lower blood pressure naturally.

I have had a high blood pressure problem for a number of years and have been taking a number of different prescription medications that Doctor has prescribed for me.

These medication never quite worked as well as we had hoped, and I continued to suffer from a high blood pressure condition. My Doctor eventually told me that he had run out of different medications for me to try and that I would have this condition for a long time to come. One of my concerns was the long term side effects of the medication I was having to take, the other was the cost for the medication.

I then saw your herbal " Lowering Blood Pressure " product at a local Health Food Store and decided to give it a try. To my amazement my blood pressure is the lowest it has been is years, and I am so excited that I have found a natural solution to a long term problem, that I wanted to tell you how well this high blood pressure herb has worked for me. An amazed customer."

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Feed Back : Milk Aid Formula

Lynda Hahn - USA
"Thanks for the information you provided...really gave me a true and realistic expectation to work son is now 6 weeks old and in the last week and a half, I have been pumping regularly to re-stimulate the milk production. I had to stop nursing him when he was 2 weeks old due to thrush and at the time."

In response to a customer email :
Thank you for your e-mail. Herbs have different actions on different people. Sometimes herbs act quickly other times a little slower. Normally you should start to see results with Milk Aid within 4 to 8 weeks. Assuming you take it everyday. You may want to take 3 servings (2 capsules each serving) per day. 2 capsules 3 times a day.

Please also read about how to encourage your body to produce milk. When milk is taken out of your body by pumping this triggers your body to start producing more milk. The more milk you take out the more milk your body will want to produce.

How Mother's Milk is Made. One of the primary reasons for mothers not having enough milk is the baby isn't at the breast for long enough each day. Nursing sessions are ended before the baby lets go, or feeding intervals are stretched out too far between, or something else is given to the baby to tide them over.

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Feed Back : Uni-Tract Formula

Mrs. Sherry Angelo - PA - USA
I would like share my recent urinary tract infection experience....One day without warning I felt a burning sensation while I was urinating. The sensation was especially bad towards the end of my urinating. It was so bad that I would deliberately stop before I reached the end to reduce that painful sensation.

I have a friend that has a reoccurring urinary tract infection and she has used anti-biotics a number of times. The infection goes away but reoccurs again in a few months or sometimes weeks. She is constantly at the doctor for this. So I decided to take care of this ailment the natural way versus taking anti-biotics. I have also read that anti-biotics kill all antibodies (your immune system) therefore causing a relapse later on. The infection develops a resistance against anti-biotics that after a period of time the doctor has to increase the potency.

Well, needless to say that I started taking Uni-Tract and felt great after two days and thought I could stop taking them. I got a relapse two days later and deserved it. I decided to take the herbal capsules seriously as I would an antibiotic and began taking 2 caps four times a day and a cup of the Uni-Tract Tea in the morning, lunch and evening. I also decided to avoid the foods groups listed on your web site, such as sugar, fried foods, coffee, alcohol and similar foods while I healed.

Although after a few days the pain went away I continued taking the Uni-Tract Capsules and tea on the same schedule until I had finished 2 bottles and 2 tea boxes. It has been a few of weeks and I am feeling great and since then have improved my eating habits as well, since I am told that most UTI´s (urinary tract infections) are caused by a low immune system. I have also started taking the Immune Build capsules - which I will do for a month or so. After that I think if I eat right and stay healthy I should be more than ok.

The lesson I thought I would share is to take natural products just like you would take anti-biotics,
religiously a few times everyday until the bottles/course is finished. I have decided I would send in my testimonial since the Uni-Tract has helped me tremendously. This is a natural alternative that has worked for me and I hope for others."

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Feed Back : Facial Night Cream

Mary Inoa - NJ
I love Naturally Brands products because they are superbly made with quality ingredients and have earned my respect and trust. There are so many favorite products but I would like to list my very, very favorite picks.

At first I was very skeptical about trying a different product to moisturize my face. It took me a while but after being consistently exposed to literature, which discusses the dangers of synthetic based products on the skin, I decided to try it. I began using the Facial Cream, which has a very light pleasant smell. Simply knowing that the cream is made from wheat germ oil, which contains natural vitamin E versus the synthetic ones, made me feel great using this product. I got a dark sunspot above my eyebrow, which concerned me a great deal. I don't want to make any healing claims but I believe that between the combination of using this product plus juicing vegetables in my juicer helped eliminate the spot. I use it at night so that the natural oils seep into my skin.

Thanks for offering a all natural product that I can use and trust."

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Feed Back : Hand & Body Lotion

Mary Inoa - USA
"I had to write about the Hand and Body lotion. Why they call it lotion I don't know! It should be called the All Natural, Multi-Purpose moisturizer. The reason I say this is because I have used it for several purposes. I use the lotion on my hands especially my fingertips. I have a form of eczema and this product moisturizes my skin like no other lotion. I have even tried cortisone creams and they don't even compare. I use it at night and those mornings when it is very cold, I put it on before I put on my gloves so my skin is moisturized before I get in to work.

The second use for this product is my hair, yes my hair. You know how you lose a lot of the moisture from the shampoos and hair gels? Well, I have curly hair and I prefer my hair to dry naturally. I take a small amount, about the size of a dime, and rub my palms and fingertips gently, and then lightly crunch my hair. My curls get a natural curl without any buildup or stiffness. It helps restore the loss of moisture.

The third use for this product is to remove my makeup. I take my ring finger and rub a small amount around my eyes and use a cotton ball to remove my mascara. I don't use all over face makeup so I have never tried it on my entire face. It can also be used to remove my lipstick."

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Feed Back : Natural Lip Balm

Astrid Versveld - CA

"My favorite product is the lip balm. During the cold winter days and harsh summers I need a little more moisture than my lips can produce. I trust this source since it is petroleum base free. I even put this natural lip balm over my beige lipstick to give them a shine and gives me a natural look. Looking natural thanks to you."

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Feed Back : Essential Oils

Dr Vitez - Ohio
"As a doctor, I personally like and use Herbal Choice Essential Oils. I find the Herbal Choice Essential Oils to be of a pure quality that have not been diluted but 100% distilled from plants (including their respective parts such as seeds, bark, leaves, stems, roots, flowers, fruit etc.)

They have many benefits as they are truly 100% pure. Because of the following benefits, I have chosen to use Herbal Choice Essential Oils. These oils have the regenerating, oxygenating and immune defense properties of God’s plants. They are very small (molecular in size) and can quickly penetrate the tissues of the skin.

These oils are lipid soluble and are capable of penetrating even hard cell walls that are suffering from oxygen deficiency. These special God-given oils can affect every cell of the body within 20 minutes. Plus they are then metabolized like other nutrients. They do contain oxygen molecules that will help transport nutrients to the starving human cells. Please note, a nutritional deficiency is an oxygen deficiency; disease begins when the cells lack the oxygen for proper nutrient assimilation. When the oxygen is supplied, essential oils also work to help stimulate the immune system of the human body.

These oils are very powerful antioxidants. We need antioxidants because they create an unfriendly environment for our enemies known as free radicals. They prevent mutations and are free radical scavengers. They prevent fungus and prevent oxidation in the cells. In addition, I use Herbal Choice Essential oils because of these June “1994” Research findings. The Medical University of Berlin, Germany and Vienna, Austria had found essential oils to be chemically heterogonous (meaning they are very diverse in their effects). They can perform several functions.

Some oils can function as an antibacterial. Where others are anti-cancerous, anti-fungal, and anti-infectious. Still, others are anti-microbial and anti-tumoral. Parasites and viruses are also destroyed with essential oils, for they are anti-parasitic and anti-viral in nature. They can also be an anti-septic. The Medical University of Berlin also stated that some oils proved to destroy all tested bacteria and viruses; plus, complete balance was restored to the body. It is a miracle to me. They also stated that Herbal Choice Essential Oils can detoxify our cells and blood. In my opinion, I don’t know how I got along with out them."

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Customer Testimonials

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We are so confident that you will be satisfied, that we offer a 60 day Money Back Guarantee with a 2 product (4 bottle) limit .

Remember this is a natural product and may take a little longer to work than chemical equivalents.  Natures Brands in harmony with nature, use only all natural products.