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Sale on herbal stop smoking, herb to stop smoking, quit smoking, stop smoking, stop smoking aids.


Stop Smoking Homeopathic & Herbal Program

An all natural stop smoking herbal and homeopathic aid to quit smoking

Homeopathic stop smoking aids on this page:

  • Stop Smoking

  • Detox Herb Formula

  • Stress Formula

  • Emergency Flower Essence

Links to other detox & immune supplements;

Stop Smoking Naturally;

Every puff of smoke inhaled contains over 4000 dangerous and addictive chemicals, including nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, benzene, cyanide, ammonia, vinyl chloride and many other well known carcinogens. It is a small miracle that people are able to smoke for so many years with no apparent health problems.

Although is has been proven many times that smokers have a much higher risk to many health problems including cancers, lung disease, heart disease and other related illnesses. Cigarettes are a factor in over 350 000 death per year. This is more than the number of deaths associated with alcohol, traffic accidents, and homicides combined. Tobacco causes a third of all cancer deaths, a quarter of all heart attacks and almost all lung cancer deaths.

Nicotine acts as a stimulant on the central nerves system. Nicotine increases adrenal production, raising the blood pressure and heart rate. Nicotine also affects the over metabolic rate, body temperature and levels of certain hormones.

A tolerance to the effect of nicotine develops quite rapidly.

That is, the dose needed to achieve the desired effect begins to rise almost immediately, requiring you to increase the amount you smoke encouraging addiction. Once your body is addicted, it will depend on the presence of nicotine in order to function correctly. If you try to stop smoking you will experience irritably, frustration, anger, increased appetite, headaches, stomach cramps, slowed heart rate, rise in blood pressure and an intense carving for nicotine.

It is said that the addiction to nicotine is almost as addictive as hard core narcotics.

The reason is that the physical adaptation may be overcome but the psychological dependency last allot longer and is associate with other addictions or social behaviors such as having morning coffee, drinking or socializing.

Nicotine is also known as a deadly toxin. A pinhead sized drop of liquid nicotine introduced directly into the blood stream, would be fatal.
Second hand smoke has been proven to almost as dangerous as the habit itself. Children with parents that smoke tend to have more health problems.

Money Back Guarantee
We are so confident that you will be satisfied, that we offer a 60 day Money Back Guarantee with a 2 product limit.,
An all natural stop smoking heral and homeopathic aid to quit smoking

stop smoking homeopathic and herbal remedy : herbal stop smoking, herb to stop smoking, quit smoking, stop smoking, stop smoking aids.

Stop Smoking
Supplement Facts

Serving Size:
10 drops / serving
50ml liquid / bottle
Homeopathic Remedy

Platago tincture
Avena sativa
Ignatia 3c
Daphne 30c
Quercus 3x
Calendula 6c
Nux vom 6c

Other Ingredients:
In a base of alcohol. Once diluted with water alcohol content less than 2%.

stop smoking homeopathic and herbal remedy : herbal stop smoking, herb to stop smoking, quit smoking, stop smoking, stop smoking aids.

Stop Smoking Formula

Homeopathic Liquid Stop Smoking Formula Used With The Detox Herbal Formula.

Today the dangers of smoking are well known, yet people continue to smoke or start to smoke. However people started to smoke, surveys consistently show that most smokers do not smoke because they want to, by because they a re addicted. Over 50% of smokers would like to stop and have tried to stop and wish they had never started.

The good news is that this addiction can be overcome, and the health benefits begin almost immediately. In just 24 hours after your lat cigarette your blood pressure and pulse rate should start to return to normal, as should the levels of oxygen and carbon monoxide in your blood stream. Within a couple of weeks your risk of heart attacks begins to decrease, your sense of smell and testate improve, breathing becomes easier.

Recommendations On How To Kick The Habit;

 1. Many people have been successful at kicking the habit after a detoxification program. Use a herbal detox formula with a live juice fast for 3 days to help remove nicotine, heavy metals and hundred of other toxins.
 2. Use a natural Stop Smoking Formula to relieve physical cravings and emotional stress. Would work well in conjunction with detoxification and stress relief herbal formulas.
 3 .Supplement with a whole food multi vitamin to help correct smoking related deficiencies. Do not consume junk foods, processed refined foods, saturated fats, salt, sugar or white flour products. Eliminate alcohol, coffee and black tea (herbal teas are great).

If you need more than will power to help you stop. Stop Smoking may help you. A homeopathically prepared all natural formula that reduces emotional stress and physical cravings associated with kicking the habit. Gentle, non habit forming formula with no side effects.

Stop Smoking Homeopathic
50ml Homeopathic Liquid Code : 1066
Price $ 15.45


A detoxification supplement and detox tea for a natural detox program.

Detox Supplement Facts

Serving Size:
2 capsules /serving
600mg / serving
60 caps / bottle
veg / capsules

Alfa (aerial&seed)
Bladderwrack (aerial)
Burdock (root)
Celery (seed)
Cleavers (aerial)
Echinacea (aerial&root)
Licorice (aerial&root)
Sarsaparilla (aerial&root)
Poke Root (root)
Red Clover (aerial&flower)
Blue Flag (root)
Cayenne (fruit)
Golden Seal (aerial&root)

Other Ingredients:
Free from preservatives, colorants & artificial additives. No sugar, yeast or wheat. This product has not been irradiated. No animal extracts. Not tested on animals.


A detoxification supplement and detox tea for a natural detox program.

Herbal Detox Program

A Complex Formula of 13 Different Detoxification Herbs

Detox is an excellent herbal detoxification system that should be used in a combination with Stop Smoking for an all natural program.

The body's immune system is the first line of defense against almost all infections and diseases.

  • If your body has a strong immune system you will be less prone to infection.

  • The immune system is made up of a vast system of lymphatic channels and lymph nodes.

  • The Detox Formula is an all natural herbal formula that helps remove unwanted toxins and heavy metals from lymphatic system improving the overall immune system.

  • Detox is an excellent herbal detox system that may be used in a combination with Immune Booster.

  • Herbs used as to detoxify the lymphatic system are effective at removing unwanted pollutants such as waste, environmental toxins, alcohol, heavy metals, drugs and similar toxins.

  • Detox may be used on its own or in combination with Immune Booster, Antioxidant or Liver & Gall.

    Detox Supplement Capsules
    60 veg caps  Code : 0283
    Price $ 15.95

    Detox Supplement Tea
    20 tea bags  Code : 0504
    Price $ 8.95

    Safety Notes:  Do not take if pregnant. Suitable for vegetarians.


    stress relief herbal supplement : Natural stress relief and stress reduction using herb and stress management.

    Stress Relief
    Supplement Facts

    Serving Size:
    2 capsules / serving
    500mg / serving
    60 caps / bottle
    veg / capsules

    Proprietary Formula :
    Valerian (root)
    Hops (aerial)
    Chamomile (flowers)
    Lavender (flowers)
    Passion Flower (aerial)
    Catnip (aerial)
    Jamaican Dogwood (root)
    Lyme Flowers (flowers)
    Skullcap (aerial)

    Other Ingredients:
    Free from preservatives, colorants & artificial additives. No sugar, yeast or wheat. This product has not been irradiated. No animal extracts. Not tested on animals.


    Anti fungal herb and anti fungal cream for fungal infections. Also use an antifungal cream

    Stress Relief Formula

    A state of long term stress is dangerous as it will eventually wear out the body.

    Anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder, pos-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), dissociative disorders and phobic disorders are among the more serious emotional manifestations that can result from constant stress. They are often a result of an event hat the individual could not deal with at the time.

    A state of long term stress is dangerous as it will eventually wear out the body. As a result of stress and its effects on the immune system, glandular system and over all health.

    Herb used for Stress : A holistic approach to stress is important,

    • A positive attitude.

    • Regular exercise

    • Short relaxing breaks

    • Herbal supplements may work together with the above stress management techniques.

    Some herb known to help with stress response by supporting the adrenal glands, brain, and metabolism to over come the accumulation of biological stress. Nervine type herb aid relaxation and tone the nervous system in general. Most herb should be taken for anumber of months for optimal resistance-building effects. All herb are best taken as whole herb and not isolated, standardized extracts.

    Valerian : Valerian keeps the nervous system from being overwhelmed. Helps to aid sleep a common side effect of increased stress.

    Hops :
    Helps to ease nervousness, restlessness and stress. Also decreases the desire for alcohol.

    Chamomile :
    Chamomile is a gentle relaxant and a good nerve tonic aiding in stress control and sleep.

    Catnip :
    Catnip is an effective anti-stress herb that calms and reduces anxiety.

    Stress Relief :
    All natural Stress Relief is a proprietary formula of selected whole herb to aid stress control. Supplied in vegetarian capsules or unbleached tea bags. Stress Relief may be taken alone or in conjunction with the Flower Essence Formula.

    Stress Relief Capsules
    60 Veg Caps Code: 0293
    Price $ 15.95

    Stress Relief Tea
    20 Tea Bags Code : 0514
    Price $ 8.95

    Safety Notes: Suitable for vegetarians. Ragweed & Autoimmune Safety : Should be used with caution by people who are allergic to ragweed or to plants in the sunflower family. Should not be taken for prolonged periods by people with autoimmune disorder. Do not take during Pregnancy or lactation. Start with half dose first week. Use on a cycle of 4 weeks on then break for 1 week.

    Emergency Flower Essence. Natural, gentle formula for emotion distress, stress, shock, and emotional emergencies.  No side effects.

    Emergency Flower Essence Formula Facts;

    28 drops / serving
    50 servings / bottle

    Flower Essence Blend:
    Cherry Plum
    Rock Rose
    Star of Bethlehem

    Other Ingredients: Filtered Water and small quantity of brandy alcohol. Once diluted with water less than 1%. Safe for pets and children. Not suitable for ex-alcoholics.


    Flower Essences, Emergency Flower Essence Formula For Stress & Emotions

    Emergency Flower Essence Formula

    Natural, gentle formula for emotional distress, stress, shock, and emotional emergencies.  No side effects.

    Flower essence is one of nature's own natural emotion remedies. Ideal for children, adults and pets. Taken orally Flower essences work at the “energy anatomy” level of the body in a similar way to acupuncture.

    The benefits of working in this way include the fact that there are no “side effects”, or “contra indications”, they can be mixed with any other form of medication with no risk.

    Another benefit of working at the energy anatomy level is that flower essences are subtle yet at the same time powerful. They do not “hit you over the head”.

    Since the time of Dr Edward Bach hundreds, even thousands of sets of flower essences have been made all over the world.

    Each country has a unique energy, and the plants that grow in each country have a contribution to make to world healing.

    In order to help people heal the effects of living in stressful times, the plant kingdom has brought new healing formulas for us to use.

    Emergency Flower Essence Blend
    50ml bottle : 1201
    Sale Price $ 18.95

    Safety Notes :  Safe for adults, children and pets. Contains 2% brandy once diluted.