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How Much Does It Cost To Buy Vitamins? Top US Manufactures

How Much Does It Cost To Buy Vitamins Top US Manufactures
A, C, E, D, B, K are not just a set of letters, but the most important vitamins for our body. They are the building elements that help to maintain the body functioning. The use of vitamins in small quantities is necessary for a person to maintain health, beauty, youth and well-being. These organic compounds are a source of energy and are involved in various biochemical and physiological processes. Unlike bacteria, plants and fungi, which are able to produce vitamins on their own, the human body cannot do this, so people need to get them from other sources. Vitamins are divided into:
  • water-soluble;
  • fat-soluble.
Water-soluble vitamins are quickly absorbed and do not accumulate in the body, so they should be regularly ingested with food. These include: vitamin C, B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, biotin). These vitamins are found in the cellular juice of fruits, berries, vegetables and grains. They enter the body dissolved, so they are quickly broken down and excreted. From digested food, vitamins get directly into the blood, the plasma of which is an aqueous solution, ideal for transferring vitamins to the most remote corners of the body. For fat-soluble vitamins contained in milk, vegetable and butter, the path to the bloodstream is not so simple. Instead, they get from the stomach into the intestines, absorbed into its walls after emulsifying fats with bile acids present in the composition of bile produced by the liver. Since blood plasma is not suitable for the transport of fat-soluble vitamins, their movement is carried out with the help of proteins that carry vitamins into the blood, from where they enter the whole body.

How much do vitamins cost in Massachusetts?

First of all, ask your doctor or use a service in order to get what kind of vitamins you need to take in your individual case. A basic multivitamin should be taken once daily. A multivitamin, such as Centrum Complete, can be found for about $0.06-$0.15 per capsule. For example, Meijer sells this particular brand for $12.99 for 180 vitamins. Centrum also produces age- and gender-specific herbal supplements for a slightly higher cost up to $5.00 per a capsule. This impliess that a multivitamin will only cost between $20 and $50 per year depending on the brand you choose. Some vitamins, such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc will cost $0.06-$0.10 per capsule. These are also taken dayly, so if they are to be taken in addition to a daily multivitamin, this will add about $20-$35 per year to your vitamin cost. Prenatal vitamin costs range anywhere from $7 to $16 per bottle. The average bottle contain from 90 to 250 tablets. Niche-based vitamins, such as a hair growth vitamin, can cost from $14 to $50 per bottle. The price will greatly depend on the brand. Vitamins released for the hair, skin and nails may cost anywhere from $6 to $20 for bottles that can contain up to 120 tablets.

How can I cover expenses for vitamins?

It is a known fact that the cost for vitamins is not a part of healthcare insurance. Many people have to take vitamins and their rates are constantly growing. We try to find whether it is possible to buy them on credit. But it turns out, according to the statistics, 48% of people issue a payday loan in Massachusetts to buy such useful for our health substances. Why they do this? We will underline several reasons:
  • the term is short (it will take up to 30 days to cover these obligations);
  • the loan amount is limited ($-100-$5,000);
  • no income certificates required;
  • no guarantors;
  • only trusted lenders;
  • fast application procedure.
This list is no way complete. Every person will find its own reasons why they issue payday loans in MA but they all pose they use such an option as it is very convenient and efficient. Besides, nothing special should be done.

List of the best US manufacturers of dietary supplements and vitamins

Among the many US companies that produce products for health, the following are distinguished by the unsurpassed quality and high effectiveness of additives:
  • Solgar vitamins and supplements of this company contain the maximum concentration of useful substances;
  • NOW produces products not only to maintain health, but also to significantly improve physical fitness;
  • NATURE'S BOUNTY the products of this company are liked by fans of alternating various additives, because almost all of its packages are designed for a course of 20-30 days;
  • NATROL offers large packages (for 60-100 days of reception), which is suitable for active supporters of a healthy lifestyle;
  • MAXLER produces supplements not only in the form of regular capsules and pills, but also in the form of effervescent tablets, as well as a large range of sports nutrition;
  • The VitaMist company specializes in products in the form of sprays, it is a convenient option for the office and for travel.